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Publisher: ITAKO the Phantomたけいみつき
Biography 日常呟きのほかスレイヤーズ(主にガウリナ、他CPも地雷無)、グラブルでは僭越ながらスレコラ団長してます。他好きな作品等々に触れるツイート。フォロリムはご自由に、こちらも自由にやらせてもらいます。 基本鍵垢ですが、オープンにすることもあります。(現在オープン中)

Phantom of the opera songs. Phantom ruby. Phantom of the opera movie. This is in reply to some bullshit review from Faisal noor someone of Pakistan who has threatened on IMDb that India knows WHAT Pakistan IS CAPABLE OF DOING TO India. (FAISAL SO U MEAN A NUCLEAR ATTACK ON US. in case an Indian commando goes to kill terrorists like lakhvi & hafiz you guys nuke India in return. Mr. Faisal on IMDb also called all indians idiots & has called our dear Prime Minister a I'm very sorry. would you call your Mr. Jinnah who started riots by direct actions and led the partitioning of our great country and inculcated hatred between millions if Pakistani sentiments are hurt by watching this recent movie which is based on a work of fiction written by an Indian Muslim & is also directed, produced and acted by various other Muslim personalities of India. This film strongly talks about a real problem this whole world and humanity is facing and if this problem has its origin in your country Pakistan. which the elderly female character in film itself after helping the indians kill a terrorist, says. .i did it for Pakistan. then do accept it. ANyways guys, we are all film lovers here on IMDb & we are here to review, praise or criticize a film and not a race, community, creed, caste or the film phantom is not a good film i would have agreed to discuss and argue but the topic and debate it raises and subject it deals with is very can happen anywhere in my country or your country and has been happening ever since some nexus of politicians, feudal lords and arms dealers all over the world started destroying mankind systematically through partitioning countries, waging wars and promoting terrorist outfits. yes the one big question that remains to be answered by Pakistan is that India is still waiting for justice. some citizens of Pakistan think that culprits behind the terrorist attack in mumbai can be given safe are SO MUCH WRONG. in mumbai attacks out of 170 people who died nearly 70 were innocent passengers waiting to catch trains at VT station. so please accept the truth for sake of your own country if not mine & Don't threaten My great country from which ur country came into existence that u r gonna nuke son says this to his own father. yes there are more muslims in India then in Pakistan who are ready to defend India against any other terrorist attack... thanks.

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